Join in monthly for our coffee, tea and conversations virtual session.

These sessions are fun, relaxing and intentional about our self care and mental health. Each session consist of tea and/or coffee tastings along with different themes and topics. Light conversations and connecting with others.

Some of the sessions are private with invite only, hosted by Orange Street Storehouse or one of our collaborative partners. Some of the events maybe FREE.

 You will have the opportunity to purchase a SAMPLE kit for the event. Click Here


* Register for the event at least two weeks in advance for shipping of the kits.

* If you register please do all possible to stand by your commitment, so of the events are limited seating.

1st Session: Aug. 2023 (TBA)

Sept. 2023 - (TBA)

Oct. 2023 - (TBA)

Nov. 2023 - (TBA)

Dec. 2023 - (TBA)

Jan. 2024 - (TBA)

Feb. 2024 - (TBA)

March 2024 - (TBA)

April 2024 - (TBA)