Pricing Updates & Changes

Date: 07/22/2022

Greetings from Orange Street Storehouse!

First and for most, allow me to say thank you for being such a loyal customer and supporter to Orange Street Storehouse over the years. Your support, and overall customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we hope that we have been successful in providing you with excellent customer service and great quality products.

This letter is not something that I take pleasure in doing, but it’s unfortunate and necessary. Due to the price increases in distribution cost, supplies and the rise in inflation we are going to be increasing our prices. All coffees will increase, and pricing will vary based on the blend, origin and premium. The pricing on the tea blends and herbs will only increase slightly, based on the type, quality, and blend. Some of the tea blends may not change at all.

Additionally, we’ve expanded our line of products and made some changes in processing and shipping. To better serve you and to keep the cost down the new processing time is 5-7 business days to ship your orders. Some orders may take less time and will ship sooner, but the average time frame will be 5-7 business days. This change has also allowed us to offer more coffee blends and flavors to our collection. Over the next few months, you will see more coffees, teas, herbs, and overall products added to our collection. You can view a few of these items under NEW ARRIVAL on the HOME PAGE of our website

Another bonus is that we are revising our “Loyalty Rewards” program so that you may be able to earn points towards your purchases and use the ones you’ve already collected. The new program will allow you to get points on referrals, shares, likes, reviews and more. The changes will roll-out this Fall 2022. The current program is still active, but the added changes will not go into effect for a few weeks. Please stay tune for more details.

The price increase is minimal in some areas and maybe a little more in others. Unfortunately, it is something we must do to continue to provide you with the quality of service and products you’ve come to expect. Plainly speaking, this cost rise is just impossible to absorb if we want to keep operating sustainably and maintain our quality and consistency standards untouched. We must increase our coffee and tea prices; the alternative would be to buy a cheaper, lower-grade product but that has never been part of our goal and vision. We are dedicated to supplying the best and highest quality coffee and tea with impeccable processing standards.

On August 1, 2022, the new pricing will begin to go into effect. Some price changes may take a few weeks to be updated. Any orders made before Aug 1, 2022, will be honored with the current price. We’ve also added a discount code  with 25% off select coffees good thru July 28, 2022. This code is needed at checkout unless you shop the special collection. Code sent to current customers via email.

We value your support and hope that you will continue to shop with Orange Street Storehouse for all your coffee, tea, gifts, and gourmet needs. If you have any question or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Sincerely grateful,

Michelle K. Capers at Orange Street Storehouse, LLC