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What Are Our Customers Saying......

Chai Masala

Lovely cuppa!

That's what we say in the UK! And this truly makes a lovely cup of chai.
Really nicely balanced flavour (some chai can be either too sweet/spiced). You can really taste all the ingredients in the blend, it makes for a great chai latte. Good stuff!


Black Spice


Amazing flavor, sublime with a touch of cream!

Carrie B.

Southern Pecan Flavored Coffe


When I think orangestreet storehouse, I honestly think of southern pecan coffee lol, as it is the first blend I tried here.

I consider this particular coffee my introduction to the wonder/quality/standard that goes with all Orangestreet storehouse coffee blends...which is excellent! Southern Pecan remains the first coffee blend/flavour I recommend amongst all the orangestreet varieties.


Summer Cooler
Absolutely delicious!

I discovered orange street at a craft fair and my friends are
huge coffee drinkers so they were buying some coffee so the owners asked me what I liked to drink and I told them tea and they asked what kind.
Now I’m not a big tea person like I like southern sweet tea and that’s about it so I said sweet tea well I think the guy took that as I like a sweeter tea and he recommended this one. I was like sure why not $8 can’t beat that! When I tell you I’m so glad I tried it i absolutely love it! It’s got an incredible refreshing taste! Well definitely be getting more!

Skylar R.

Incredibly Fragrant delicious blend

Russian Caravan

This blend was phenomena. It was rich, aromatic, and delicious.
It needs no additives like sugar or milk, because the tea itself is
stunning on the palette. I was very pleased with the quality of this tea
and will order more when I run out.

Q. Lang

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