Start Your Wellness Journey - Smoothie Starter Kit

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Start Your Wellness Journey - Smoothie Starter Kit

Starter Wellness Superfood / Adaptogens kit... click here for more details or to purchase.

Perfect Wellness Bundle: What a great way to start your wellness journey, while having lattes and smoothies on the go.

Adaptogens are components of herbs that are said to help the body to overcome, adjust and adapt in dealing with physical and emotional stresses of life. Adaptogens are also said to have anti-aging properties. When incorporated into a well-balanced diet these powders can promote and assist with living a healthier lifestyle.

There are many different adaptogens ranging from powders, foods and herbs, and each is said to have its own specific action. Keep in mind that adaptogens don’t eliminate stress from a person’s life, rather, they help to better cope with stressors.

The powders are great for use in lattes, smoothies, baking and cooking.

Get 5 amazing powder (1oz each): Beet Root, Maca Root, Green Blend, Ashwaghanda and Moringa.
  • Premium Milk Frother: Give your morning smoothie or latte a little extra, no need for a blender, quick and easy mixing. Have frothed topping in no time with our handheld milk foamer, frothing milk up to its very last drop within seconds! The handheld frother is perfect for making delicious cappuccino, macchiato, latte, matcha, hot chocolate, then finishing it with a touch of professional foamy froth, making it more special. Stand may not be included and color/ style may vary (white, black or silver).
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