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How to Make Matcha Prep Time: 5 mins Serves: 1 Matcha is a non-fermented Japanese tea used in various ceremonies. Made from Camellia senensis, the flavor comes from the fact that the leaves are not fermented and that they are grown in the shade during the last stage of the growth process. This helps to increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves and gives it its distinct flavor.   Matcha can benefit your blood sugar. As long as you're enjoying unsweetened versions, you're good to go. (If you're used to using sweeteners and creams with your coffee, you may want...

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As we shift from one season to another, it is an excellent time to take a few days to simplify, clear and pave the way to receive the bounty of the new a new season. This can mean making space for creativity, resetting intentions, or cultivating healthy habits that support the body and mind. Symbolically, it is no surprise people gravitate towards “cleansing” and “detoxifying” during this time of year. While “detoxing” may appear to be a modern-day answer to what seems like an increasingly toxic world, our ancestors have long incorporated bitter, nutritive herbs and roots into their diets....

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - SUPERFOOD POWDERS   SUPERFOOD POWDERS?   Greens powders often include high levels of vitamin C, which has been linked to healthy immune system function, protection against heart disease, and good skin health.   Drinking superfood powder can be a powerful way to get in a nutritious, balanced meal on your way out the door. Superfood powders are a powdered food blend that consist of veggies and fruit, that overall create a nutrient dense, high antioxidant rich food product that aims to support optimum health.   Link: https://www.orangestreetstorehouse.com/collections/superfoods-matcha   #superfoods #immune #greenblends #healthygreens #healthysmoothies #healthdrinks #foodismedicine #weightlossjourney...

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